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Once your web site is on the Internet,
it is now ready to be presented to the Internet community.

ACCESS Design, Inc. will guarantee*  that your product or service web site will rank high on the majority of search engines and directories. It will generate exponentially, the traffic required to achieve high sales revenue or for content and informational sites, the ability to generate advertising space with value.

There are no shortcuts when marketing on the Internet. The Search Engines and Directories have many rules that must be followed to the letter. Refusal to do so may result in not being listed at all, or even worse having your domain name blacklisted from their directories. Our company keeps abreast of the latest listing requirements of the main search engines and directories and submit to them accordingly.

Each of our submissions are done by hand. It is a very long and tedious process, but it pays off. It is by our expertise that we succeed. Our clients GET LISTED IN YAHOO, the number one search directory on the internet. However, there are people who have been trying for two years without success.  You will find many companies offering submission services to the Top Search Engines and Directories for as little as $49.95. They use a standardized submit form, which most of the search engines immediately eliminate as they do not conform to what the directory asks for. Automatic submission services are now tagged by the search engines and directories. These submissions are put in a very long que, then looked individualy by a humans because of the abuse of spammers.  This can cause a very long delay in your submissions.

We follow-up on each submission, checking to make sure the entry is in the directory and then seeing where the listing falls using various searches. We make all necessary adjustments. Statistics show that the average person only views the first three pages of search results. Although we strive to place your web site in the Number One spot and we have achieved that rank for our customers, your web site will most certainly be within the first three pages of the major search engines.

Newsgroups are another way to spread the word of your company. However, one must be very careful. We studied the newsgroups for two years before attempting to promote a product. To blunder here can be fatal for your web site.

Reciprocal links are a great way to bring traffic. We will find web sites that will bring you potential customers who already have a demonstrated interest in your product or service. Using tactful techniques when approaching other web site owners for reciprocal links will result in free advertising for you.

We offer two different marketing options with the last option being the preferred as it results in bringing the most traffic and sales. Success on the Internet is attained by constant promotion.

    Submission to 50 Sites which includes the Top 25, plus Buying Guides, Malls, Regional and International Directories, etc.


    All of the above, plus nonstop promotion (for as long you remain a client). Includes a press release, reciprocal links, newsgroups, and more malls, search engines, directories, etc.

    $900.00 pr. year or  $75.00 per month (minimum 1 year contract)


*A one year contract is required for the guarantee. ACCESS Design, Inc. must have all necessary information and components for the web site. Client must follow the marketing plan as directed by ACCESS Design, Inc. which will cause no further expense other than what is included in our "Marketing Package". Client must wait for their web site to be listed in the major search engines and directories (approximately three months) ACCESS Design, Inc. has no control when the client's web site will be listed, although we will exercise every effort to insure the timely inclusion of the client's web site. If your web site does not produce any sales after six months, ACCESS Design, Inc. will not charge hosting fees for the next three months.

Client must not spam or market online or misrepresent their intent or content.

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